Your mind is powerful, naughty, and it’s mostly hidden

You only get to see a tiny part of what is going on from the inside. Your brain gets on with all of the messy business of running a human that you don’t need to know about. It does all this without your permission, and sometimes against your wishes. Your mind takes in lots of  information, combines it with what is already stored, and tells you stories about what is going on. These stories aren’t always true.

From this inconvenient starting point, we can peek behind the curtain at some of the hidden workings, and understand some of the reasons. By understanding we can take small actions to nudge our mind to being a little more cooperative. This what Remented is for.

Remented explores the experience of living with (or within) a human mind and brain, and gives you little animations and games to help you think about what is going on.

Animations like this one…

See the post for more about this animation
Your mind is largely a mystery even to scientists and doctors (although staggering progress is being made). Our minds are all different, in ability, in our genetics, in our upbringing, in biases, in health and in what makes us tick. Remented invites you to question how your mind does what it does, often without consulting you, and often in ways that are not totally helpful. Remented takes a look at why, and if there is anything you can do about it.

Each post will take some feature of our minds or behaviour, look at some of the science, look at what happens, how our mind influences us, and maybe how we can have more control.

Remented is not aiming to be scientifically exhaustive, but we can take some of the current science and explore how it relates to what we experience.

Remented is not aiming to be a self help guide, or help you to quit bad habits, get rich, or be romantically successful. But there may be ways to act more helpfully, or to be aware when our minds work against our own interests.