A simple statement of my aims

My aim is to help those who are curious enough to join me, to learn a bit more about how their minds work, especially those aspects of the mind that we don’t get to see directly, or which sometimes work against our own goals or best interest.
  • I will document my exploration of the mind and brain to explain why we sense, think, and behave the way we do
  • I will use experiences from inside the mind as a starting point
  • I will draw on science in a number of fields to explore what is going on
  • I will present my exploration as posts, with a game or animation to help illustrate some abstract or tricky point
  • I hope to entertain and educate, and make you think about how you think and behave
  • I will base these explorations on the experiences of being human, and scientific sources. Where these are conjecture I will say so, where these have a scientific basis, I will say so.
  • This is not a thesis, and I will not have carried out a full literature review of every topic I explore. Therefore there will be views that contradict the sources I cite, and I may not always have access to the very latest thinking.
  • I will not be making any claims for truth that are not widely supported, but that does not mean they won’t be wrong.
  • I will try to look at contractory views
  • I will try to consider these topics through the viewpoints of others with different mental biases, abilities, and life experiences.

My Themes

  • How we sense, think and behave; and why
  • How the quirks of our minds can be exploited by others
  • Appreciate what is different in those with a different perspective, especially with neuro-diverse abilities, mental illness, or with impaired minds
  • A look at the human mind through the lens of Artificial Intelligence and Man machine interface technology

Longer term goals

I would like to explore better ways of learning and retaining what we learn, deeper understanding, making better connections, and communicating/sharing our understanding.
I would like to create some immersive AR/VR simulation of a human mind that can use elements of what I learn here to create abstract, playable (simple) minds.
I would like to use the learnings above to make the human experience of an increasingly machine augmented world make sense, and work for us all.