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Thought Sorter

Take a look at why your are consciously aware of only some thoughts, and why maybe it’s not you who is in control. This post uses a simple game where you play the role of the conscious mind to try and keep up with mental demands.

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Your eye is an amazing instrument. But you might be surprised to learn how little detail you can see, and how this affects what we see. Take a look at the full article

Simple Vision

Think about how you see the world (or hear it or feel it), and how much of your perception is to do with your eyes (or other senses) versus how much is in your mind. It’s not as simple as you might think. The Remented approach is to bring this back to simple illustrations that let you think about your own experience, and how it may not work quite how you think it does.

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Are you ready?

There are good reasons why you find that own mind often defeats your best efforts to get focussed on a job, and stay on it.  There are two sides to controlling your attention. One is the very conscious decision to rest your gaze on a particular task - something that...

What Spoon?

You reach for a spoon to eat your cereal. With hand in mid-air, your phone pings with a juicy notification that you just can't resist. A simple distraction. The phone is closer to you, and your hand and attention divert to take a look. The spoon is no longer the focus...