Learn all about your attention and why it is hard to control with these articles and games. Real science related to your own experiences, challenges and potential

Play Games

Play the games and illustrations below to learn how attention works.

Each level builds understanding and shows how managing your attention is trickier than it seems. The ideas in the games are fully explained in the full article.

Now we have all the components for the attention wheel, play the game and see if you can achieve the highest possible score for efficiency over time.

All about Attention

The full article contains a walk through aspects of how your attention works, linked to the game levels above. It challenges you to think about your own expereinces.

There are links to the science sources that inspired these games, and the article, and links for further reading and viewing.

Mini Posts: Other Ideas on Attention

The Grumpy Gatekeeper

Who or what decides which thoughts your brain focuses on, and how can you sneak your priorities in?

What Spoon?

How bottom-up awareness steals your attention, and what you can do about it.

Are you ready?

Your command of your attention has a lot to do with how ready you are. Find out what this means and help your brain to help you.