Human vs Machine

The relationship between people and the automation that touches and affects them is strained. My work looks at features of both automation and the world of human experience and neuroscience.

I seek to map the messy, shifting surface of human experience that automation affects, or fails to affect, and some of the overlooked consequences. I’m looking for ways to make a better fit.


An autonomous 3d sculpture robot, with complex, hard to predict kinematics.

Equals Thought?

An automated simulation of the brain in a simple creature. The outer neurons perceive the world, and the many thousands of synapses respond according to their biases and configurations.

Instinct Bots

Bots that have very simple behaviour and drive rules, to observe group behaviour when agents have individual motivations. Based on Rob Worthams’ PHD into Artificial Intelligence¬†after attending the Artificial Intelligence and Simulated Behaviour Symposium.


A website with coded animations, to explore the human brain and mind.  Takes the science as a start and attempts to bring abstract ideas to life with creative simulations and games. Visit the site.